• Dirty Discourse. Sex And Indecency In Broadcasting

Dirty Discourse. Sex And Indecency In Broadcasting

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Changes in society, the pluralistic nature of the citizens and the geographic breadth of America preclude a common definition of what is indecent, profane, or obscene

Examines the blue side of the airways with a first-ever analysis of the history and nature of off-color program content

Explores the treatment of once-forbidden topics in the electronic media, investigating the beliefs, attitudes and actions of those who present such material, those who condemn it, and those who defend it

Illustrates political pressures and legal considerations, including Supreme Court decisions, and efforts to protect children from media smut.

In this fascinating book, renowned media scholars and authors, Robert Hilliard and Michael Keith, examine the history and nature of indecent program content in American radio

Provides coverage of television and the Internet, showing how and why broadcasting has evolved from the ribald antics of the Roaring 20's to today's streaming cybersex, contrasting the standards and actions of the FCC v

What may appear to be 'dirty discourse' to some may be considered to be laudable satire to others

Written from a social and cultural perspective, concentrates on the means of greatest distribution radio, with its phenomenal growth of shock jocks and rap music lyrics

The First Amendment amidst the over-the-air and in-the-court battles of over-the-top radio


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